That Grass Book


  • Native & introduced, 131 common grasses
  • Easily identify grasses as a beginner or expert
  • Match grass heads to silhouettes of real specimens
  • Clear colour photos & close ups of details
  • Spiral bound for handy field-use


For many people, grass identification presents a problem. Grasses can be difficult to distinguish, even when they put up flower heads. The flower parts are mostly green, very delicate and often
so small as to require magnification to be clearly seen. In addition, as the heads emerge they change shape, expanding for flowering and often contracting as the seed develops, before taking on the form characteristic of that species.

With the grass heads photographed from fresh material and reproduced as life=sized silhouettes, with this book, identification is then as simple as matching a grass head with a silhouette. Covering grasses from West to East of Southern Australia, Colour images of the head and close ups of detail serve to confirm the particular species.

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Dimensions 18 × 2 × 24 cm